By Simone Banks

Some said I was created with the heavens by a god
And that it only took him a span of 7 days to create me
As he carefully crafted the mold of a marble blue body
With these large oceans
And deep crevices, these elongated valleys
And enormous mountains
I was beautiful
A nature beautiful that could never be duplicated
And nothing ever came close to my appearance
But I guess you don't see that
See you were young when we had our first encounter
And just as young children
You were fun back then
As you explored the wonders of my body
Playfully touching my every curves
That outlined my unscathed  body
We were both virgins
Not having a clue but I knew
That with every touched I climaxed
But I guess you out grew me
You grew tired of my nearly aged body
You didn't know what to do with me in the beginning
So I let you experiment with your half developed toys
And unclear intentions
Like you I didn't know any better
But I would have never had predicted that
The very same toys you used to build upon me
Would end up being the very destruction of me
And I am enraged
Furious at how much you mistreat me
I gave you everything
And still you continue to dig deep craters within me
Searching for what you think is gold
Something that you will never really find
Because its right here in front of your eyes
Just open them wide
And stop being so blind by your greed, it kills me
To know how unsatisfied you are with me
It’s like I don't know you anymore
No amount of skyscrapers, fast car factory makers, concrete jungles will ever replace my original scenery
You turn to this destruction
When all you could really use are my nature resources
I swear there just the same
And as I watch you search for your false perception of what you call perfection you disgust me
Some say that terrible twos are terrible too but
Have you looked at yourself in the mirror yet
This monstrosity has be constantly yearning at my soul
And I don't know if I can take it anymore
So I hinted to you with my thunders and dramatic quakes
But you just called them a phenomenon and blew them off
Which was the worst mistake you could ever make
See those were my cries
And you just blew them off almost nonchalantly
Which made my tears run longer
And I know you know what I am capable of
Because I was the one that swept away those millions of homes
leaving millions alone and confused
And I was the one with my powerful winds 
That you could have used for energy
So instead I cracked down your not so steady levies
leaving millions of children alone left to die with no one by their side to claim them
When will you ever learn
That the more you try to fight me
Will be the very destruction of you
Because you are nothing but a pawn and I will always be playing you
You're in need of a change before
I end you.

Simone is a Sophomore majoring in art with a concentration in photography, as well as international studies with a track in human rights.