Jalyn Lockett is a sophmore double majoring in Art and Business. She loves writing, reading, listening to poetry, and enjoys the process of creating a space for other Black Creatives to showcase their work. This year, Jalyn looks forward to growing out of her comfort zone by performing more spoken word pieces and refining her poetry writing skills.  

Growing Pains

Jalyn Lockett


I remember choices,

and their consequences.

Listen girl,

his persona will decompose.



Becoming a skeleton of discontinued eulogies

because there is nothing left

to be said.

There are no questions

that can be answered

without opening the coffin.

Betrayal is a tortuous treatment

for someone once treated like a treasure

He lies to you,

and yet you still

drape yourself over the casket.

Drowning yourself,


and over,

and over again,

until your body is the ocean

he swims in.

Listen girl,

these men who do not die

do not intend on leaving

before taking pieces of you with them.

Do not let his secrets shatter you.

He is the only coward here.

Too fearful to face the demons

he summoned himself,

he will not scar you.

Fast forward five months later,

you will crumble beneath the corpse of the memory.

Pain left unburied,

still fermenting in your subconscious.

His stench will linger

around your heart’s hope like smoke

reminding you to never again trust so easily.

Promise me, girl,

You will craft stories only

Of the most beautifully refined

Bits of reality

Succumb to


From emptiness emerges epiphany

You will take this pain and

Forge it into serenity.

Take tears, transform,

Transcend to tranquility.

Listen girl,

Cry a river of red thread if you need to

Let his shadow coalesce into the darkened past,

Let his afterimage disperse and let him go.

Let the anger dissolve.

These pages bled enough for the both of us.

These scribblings became scripture,

quenched your thirst for syllables,

this language you created out of discarded affirmations.

Set aflame, it broke the curse, and birthed a miracle

And girl,

you are the miracle.